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Listed below are a select number of suppliers whose products we sell.

We have no minimum order quantity requirements, however we do not hold large stocks and generally we buy in as required to meet customer orders. Some of these suppliers' items are also detailed in our online store, where the same conditions apply.

Click on the logos to open a new tab and visit the web sites of these suppliers and review their full product range. Prices and availability can be requested by completing the enquiry form below or by telephoning our sales staff on (07) 4779 2755.
Be Seen
Casual Corporate, Teamwear, Leisurewear & Bags
JB's Wear
Corporate - casual & formal, Teamwear, Leisurewear, Schoolwear, Footwear, Workwear, Hospitality, Healthcare.
Bisley Workwear
John Kevin
Corporate blouses and shirts.
Biz Care
Identitee Clothing

Corporate - casual & formal, Hospitality.
Biz Collection
Corporate - casual & formal, Teamwear, Leisurewear, Workwear
Syzmik Workwear

Workwear - with style
Biz Corporates
Corporate Uniforms
King Gee
An iconic name in Australian Workwear.
Casual Corporate, Teamwear, Leisurewear, Sports & Gym wear.
Australian Spirit
Casual Corporate, Teamwear, Leisurewear & Workwear
City Collection
Corporate uniforms, Healthcare.
Legend Life
Caps, Hats,Bags, Lifestyle accessories.
DNC Workwear
Workwear, Casual Corporate, Hospitality, Leisurewear.
Lee St. John
Corporate uniforms.
Gear For Life
Corporate - casual & formal, Teamwear, Bags, & Lifestyle products.
NCC Apparel
Workwear, Kids Workwear, Healthcare, Hospitality.
Comprehensive range of cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts.
NNT Uniforms
The "go to" name for Corporate uniforms, Hospitality and Healthcare.
Full range available for order in our online store.
Grace Collection
Teamwear, Leisurewear, Bags, Hats & Caps.
Sporte Leisure
Casual and Golfing Polos, caps, bags, and Sportswear.
Hard Yakka
An iconic name in Australian Workwear.
Headwear Professionals
The name says it - Hats & Caps.
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